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Investment Advice Glasgow

Ensuring adequate money is available for immediate daily needs as well as a reserve being set in place are just a couple of fundamental principles that are prerequisites to investing any sum of money.Investment

Once the above is established and any planned expenditure, the balance can be calculated, which can be used for investment.

Taking into account the client's attitude to risk, Vance Financial Management is then ready to discuss the most appropriate product, taking into consideration taxation as well as the client's income goals.

Why Invest?

Although having deposits of cash for emergencies is useful, inflation erodes the value of that cash over time, meaning it is not as safe as many believe. As well as this, cash savings accounts often provide poor value for money in comparison to other options.

Investments offer the opportunity to make your money work for you, from investing in FTSE100 companies to collective investment funds such as OEICs. There are a huge range of options out there, so there’s sure to be something that matches your goals and desired level of risk, and we’ll help you find it.

Finding the Right Investment Strategy For You

Investments take many forms, but most investors choose from four main types:

  • Cash savings with a bank or building society
  • Fixed interest securities - loaning your money to a company or government.
  • Shares - buying a stake in a business
  • Property - investing in buildings, either commercial or residential

Other, more high-risk, options include:

  • Investing in commodities such as oil or gold
  • Foreign currency investment
  • Contracts for difference - betting on shares gaining or losing value
  • Investing in collectables such as art or antiques

Which investment is right for you depends on your attitude towards risk, what your goals are and what your current finances are.

Investment Returns

The type of investment you make will decide how you receive your returns. This is an important consideration as there are tax implications. Your investment returns can be paid in a number of ways, including interest, dividends, rent, and capital gains.

Spreading Investment Risk

Understanding the risks you’re taking when investing is extremely important, deciding how much risk you’re willing to take from the outset is vital. Our independent financial advisors will help you to understand the risk involved in each investment opportunity and assist you in spreading the risk if necessary.

Diversification is an important part of risk management, involving putting your money into a variety of different investments, so if one doesn’t work out as you initially planned, you’ve still got others.

Investment Options


A great way to save money without paying tax on the interest earned. Under the current regulations you can save up to £20,000 in cash or stocks and shares ISAs every year. An ISA is not a pension, but it is a useful supplement to your pension for income during retirement, especially at times when you wish to draw down capital quicker than a pension permits.

Investment Bonds (Onshore/Offshore)

Investment bonds provide medium to long-term growth on your investment, with some having a fixed term and others running indefinitely. You invest your money in a variety of funds that are looked after by professional investment managers, and your return when you cash your investment bonds in depends on how they have performed.


OEICs (Open Ended Investment Company) are collective investment opportunities that pool your money with other investors are managed by professionals who invest in a range of stocks, shares and other assets. Pooling money with other investors gives the fund manager greater buying power, allowing them to make larger and more diverse investments than you could by yourself.

*Investment values may fall as well as rise and unit prices are not guaranteed.